September has been a crazy first month of my last year in college (man it feels weird to say that) but its been crazy for the best. With taking five classes and an internship i have my work load cut out for me. I have been evolving my  ascend project for seminar  by bringing it down to eye level so it could be a different project all together. I have been shooting medium format and shooting color film and i have been going all over finding different scenes with geometric shapes created by concealing and revealing. I'm also taking an advanced darkroom class which i have been waiting to take for three years now but they haven't run it until now. We are learning the zone system which is awesome because its giving me the idea to maybe take my other project to black and white. learning these processes and everything are amazing it really gets me thinking differently about how I'm shooting and what I'm shooting and its great learning these techniques that photographers use for over 50-60 years and its going to help my digital work, if i ever pick my digital camera up again. i have also been taking a mono printing class which has been great because I fell in love with printmaking last year in my intro class and its been helping with color and working with black and white and composition and also giving an idea to different printing methods. As far as personal work that isn't for class I've been shooting a lot of instant stuff but slower than normal since being at school I'm trying to reserve my stock pile and kind of wait for new films to come out. I have also purchased Magnum Contact Sheets by suggestion my Eric Kim ( and its probably been the best book i have ever bought and its teaching my a lot about how this great photographers shot an picked their photos and its been helpful and its a massive book so i have a lot of reading to do. Thats pretty much has been my september in a nut shell to say the least i hope to up date this blog thing more often. thank you for reading or not reading.