time keeps flying, and this month has been all types of crazy. i had my first panel review for seminar and it went pretty much how i thought it would go. they told me that my work was strong and that i needed to find out why the color blue is so dominant or present in all of my pictures. They also told me a bunch of photographers to check out and some movies from the 1950's. i have been going in to Boston a lot to shoot and just enjoy the city, it is really nice going there frequently and wandering the buildings. In my Advance traditions class i finally got my warm tone 11"x14" paper to start making some prints for my portfolio for that class. Im so excited to put together a portfolio together for that class because I'm having so much fun shooting and learning all these darkroom techniques that i haven't done before. i think I'm enjoying it so much is because its something that i have wanted to do for so long is just shoot film and print in the darkroom. I know its not practical to shoot film but that where i feel i have been flourishing and evolving as a photographer. Other things my internship is staring to pick up a lot i have hung up two shows so far and its an intense process of hanging pieces but its really fun and i could kind of see myself working for a gallery or something along the lines of that. Also i went to Portland, Maine with my girlfriend Candace (candacebonfiglio.com) and it was the first time that we have gone there and it was really beautiful and i could maybe see myself living there but we will see. My post on Japancamerahunter.com was posted in late September or early October i can't remember and it gave my pictures and everything great exposure and it was awesome. One of my teachers gave me some expired Polaroid Polacolor 669 film one pack from 1998 and 2004 and i just finish the pack from 1998 and the pictures actually came out and i was so happy and surprised (will be posted on my flicker later). and i took a polaroid back for the hasselblad the school has lent me for the year and there was two shots of film left in there and i shot those and they came out, So exciting! He also gave me a role of Polaroid Polachrome 135 color slide film which I'm excited to shoot sometime if we find the processing machine. And the last thing i can think of for October at this moment was today that i saw a post car my school made that gets sent out had one of my images on it and they didn't credit me for it which makes me upset and I'm looking to get to the bottom of it. but thats it!