December and January

December was a very very busy to say the least with the end of my second to last semester of undergrad. It was spent with changing my focus in seminar with putting the architecture  stuff to the side for now, and diving in to what i started in Adv traditions and making that my main focus for the rest of the year. I got high praise from the the panel to keep going with that and just make a ton of work and just keep going and don't stop. They said i really have come in to work that really shows me as a person and a photographer which is something really nice to hear from teachers and fellow artist, a very big confidence boost. The first two pictures on the right are what my studio looked like in the first few months of the semester.

Winter break came and it was quite the break and it was really needed with the the amount of work for seminar and my other four classes as well as an internship. it was great to be home for the semester and take a break and just relax and recharge mentally and catch up with my family and sleep. I did some photographing with polaroids when i was home just to stay in the shooting mentality (can be seen on my flicker).But for the most part winter break was use to recharge my batteries for my last semester in undergrad.


Theses three pictures to the right as a glimpse in to what i am doing for seminar and are a product of Adv traditions, all of the, are 11"x14"  silver gelatin warm tone prints and i will be greeting around to putting on my website i have to photograph them because they won't fit in a scanner. my plan is to make more prints and continue shooting around Boston and the streets. But hopefully ill be able to after Juno the blizzard came and shut everything down. The picture underneath those two is what i did in my mono printing class and it is the most abstract work i have ever made. the work was really discovering mark making and exploring. The four closest prints to the bottom are printed on failed polaroid positives which i have never seen anyone ever do before and its something that i really want to explore more of because it was nice loosely tying photography and print in one. 


the last three pictures are of my studio currently and i have a bunch of 5"x7"s hanging up because i don't want to hang up my final prints in there due to the humility and i don't want them to get dirty. On my desk are a few contact sheets of shoots i went on the the last time i was in boston as well as some new polaroids hanging up which is going faster and faster. this semester is going to busy as shit but its going to be a great one since its my last. that pretty must it thats happened in the last two months more to some more post and more work.